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    Boom Philly Morning Flow

    Bio: DJ AMIR

    The buzz around DJ Amir usually includes one of the following phrases: “the chosen one” or “the LeBron James of the wax- spinner scene.” In a city oozing DJ talent, this talk isn’t taken lightly. Especially considering Amir is only 29. Known for his lightning-fast cuts and scratches, Amir is a shining example of what’s become a Philly DJ trademark: using technical turntable mastery to rock a party.

    “I started DJing in 2001,” he reflects. “I was in eighth grade when my mom bought me turntables for Kwaanza.” The next summer Amir became a fixture at Armand’s Records, hanging out longer than some full-time employees. There he met DJ Fatcat, who took the youngster under his wing. “From [Fatcat] I met DJ Touchtone.

    Touchtone opened his arms up to me, and every day after school I’d go to 103.9. He’d have me practicing for two or three hours.” All that practice led to a weekend gig DJing at Sneaker Villa in the Gallery Mall, where Amir worked through high school.

    Like many young folks his age, Amir spent way too much time on the streets, narrowly avoiding more than a few collisions with disaster. But he’s eager to leave that trouble behind. “This past year a lot of things changed in my life for both good and bad, and it made me see I’m blessed in everything I’ve got,” he says. “I do have talent, so why not use it? It’s hard, ’cause you can get distracted easily. A lot of people are dying. Your homie gets killed and you feel a certain way, but you don’t wanna mess your life up. You gotta be smart.” With that being said DJ Amir didn’t fall victim to the negative circumstances. He went on to become the Official DJ for DefJam Artist Beanie Sigel and has been featured on Mr. Sigel’s latest album “The Solution.”

    Along with album appearances DJ Amir has toured with Beanie Sigel and shared the stage with many other DefJam acts. With being one of the most well known Dj’s in the area, it was only a matter of time before Dj Amir would receive that phone call to touch the stage with Philadelphia’s very own Hip Hop star, Meek Mill. Dj Amir then went on to become Meek’s personal tour Dj. From djing events such as “The Dreams and Nightmares Tour” to the “2012 BET Hip Hop Awards” its clear to see that Amir’s talents have taken him very far. Along with the many blessings that have came with working with Meek, Amir was honored to receive an endorsement deal with popular athletic brand PUMA.


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    The Afternoon Wave With DJ Caesar



    DJ Caesar is one of the most versatile and hardworking DJs in the industry. He comes from Panamanian roots but was raised in Burlington, NJ. Growing up in the U.S. while living in a Spanish speaking home exposed him to various genres of music ultimately influencing his love of diversity within music and decision to become a DJ. 

    After co-hosting a college radio show in 2006, he caught the radio bug and began to pursue his career. In 2008, while attending the Connecticut School of Broadcasting in Cherry Hill, NJ, he landed an internship at 100.3 The Beat in Philadelphia. His dedication and desire to learn every aspect of radio and broadcasting impressed management and he was offered a permanent position as a Promotions Assistant. After a year, Caesar took a chance and quit to pursue his goal of becoming an on air personality and DJ.

    Shortly thereafter, DJ Caesar was hired as an intern at Sirius XM. Taking the initiative to learn board operations as an intern opened the door for a new opportunity. After completing his internship with Sirius XM in 2010, he was hired as a board operator and worked with various stations within Sirius. Admiring his drive and motivation his superiors, once again promoted him. In 2013 Caesar was awarded his own two-hour hip-hop show on Sirius XM’s Shade 45 titled #WeekendWork, co-hosted with Coach PR, every Saturday morning from 10am-12pm. #WeekendWork is a wildly popular two hour segment that is an ode to the hip-hop culture and its lifestyle.

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    Saturday Warm Up

    Saturday Warm UP

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