’90s TV Nerds: Where Are They Now? was originally published on blackamericaweb.com

1. Alfonso Ribeiro – THEN

Alfonso Ribeiro – THEN

Carlton Banks – Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

2. Alfonso Ribeiro NOW

Alfonso Ribeiro NOW

41, Last seen hosting the game show Catch 21 on GSN in 2008. Also directed some TBS “Meet The Browns” episodes and majority of Season…

3. Noah Gray-Cabey THEN

Noah Gray-Cabey THEN

Franklin – My Wife And Kids

4. Noah Gray Cabey NOW

Noah Gray Cabey NOW

17, Deferred his first year at Harvard University to spend time with his family as a post child-prodigy in music and acting.

5. Chuckie Finster THEN

Chuckie Finster THEN

Chuckie – Rugrats

6. Chuckie Finster NOW

Chuckie Finster NOW

12, Rugrats All Grown-Up. Last seen with braces and still the voice-of-reason scary cat on his best friend Tommy Pickle’s adventures.

7. William Daniels THEN

William Daniels THEN

Mr. Feeny – Boy Meets World

8. William Daniels NOW

William Daniels NOW

85, Last seen as a regular on season 9 of Grey’s Anatomy before his character died mid-season.

9. Milhouse Van Houten NOW

Milhouse Van Houten NOW

10. Dustin Diamond THEN

Dustin Diamond THEN

Screech – Saved By The Bell

11. Dustin Diamond NOW

Dustin Diamond NOW

36, Since Saved By The Bell, has appeared on washed-up celebrity reality shows The Weakest Link, Celebrity Boxing 2, Celebrity Fit Club, Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity…

12. Jaleel White THEN

Jaleel White THEN

Steve Urkel – Family Matters

13. Jaleel White NOW

Jaleel White NOW

36, Most recently seen on season 14 of Dancing With The Stars in May 2012.