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Back in ’04 I was in high school waiting for DETOX to officially drop. I had a $20 dollar bill saved on top of my dresser to buy the CD the day it came out.

Dr. Dre Detox

I held on to the same 20 for 3 more years. It’s 2010. I’m about to graduate college. Seven years  later and I’m probably one of the few people left excited about the album. But here I am, with a debit account balance that has never been under $20 dollars.

5 Reasons DETOX is worth the wait.

By Wilfrid Decossard


Not the $400 headphones, the production. Dr. Dre could sell a record of just instrumentals and go triple platinum in a day. Listening to 2001 just reassures me that Detox is going to be ahead of its time as far as the production goes, and I’m excited about that. Don’t act like you didn’t hear the beats on Eminem’s Relapse. When I heard “Underground,” “Insane,” and “Hello,” I felt Detox.


We have all come to terms with the fact that Dr. Dre probably never wrote a lyric in his life. But we don’t mind as long as the beats are his (and Mark Batson’s). What is unique about Dr. Dre’s situation is that it doesn’t stop at Smitty or Knoc’turnal, two guys you probably forgot. Dr. Dre’s ghost writers go all the way up to Eminem and Jay-Z with every artist in between. It’s like a rite of passage to write for Dr. Dre. That said, the lyrics are going to be EPIC, the cream of the crop. Throw in a “Hell Yeah” from the doctor and I’m good to go.


50 Cent once promised an N.W.A. track to be in production with some unreleased verses from Eazy-E. Can you say “hot?!” Ice Cube, MC Ren, and Dr. Dre on another track? I still listen to “Chin Check” off of the N.W.A. Greatest Hits album.

We cause tragedy

Erratically, Systematically

In your house without a key

How f****d up that’ll be

Gat will be near your anatomy

My form of flattery

Assault and battery

While we hit you with that street mentality

Straight west coast rider academy

Concrete n***a, that’s my reality            Ice Cube and Dr. Dre


Dr. Dre does not need the money and definitely doesn’t need the attention. This album is going to be pure passion mixed with a little experimentation. The fact that Dre is his own boss and that there is no studio pressure from Jimmy Iovine or any other exec means that this album will be as great as an underground or indie product but with a major studio budget.


“And don’t worry about DETOX, we gonna make Dre do it!” Eminem on Encore.


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