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Yesterday, Sandra Rose posted a letter from a fan of her website who wrote in to state their disapproval of Monica’s parenting skills.

Monica with her sons at Disney Magic Kingdom

Hello Sandra,

This email is in response to your post regarding Jennifer Hudson; yes she seems like a wonderful Mother and you’re right about LaLa who is hardly ever seen with her son. However, Solange is a great mother to be so young, but please add Monica to your list of mothers who need to be more like Jennifer. Instead of Monica “Vacationing” or better yet, being a hood rat, she should be looking after her TWO KIDS.

Is she coming out with an album or a reality show soon because she’s on the blogs way to much just because she’s dating (and when I say dating, I mean screwing) a basketball player? Lets be real, Shannon is a professional basketball player that is trying to get his brand out there. He wants a shoe [contract] and a fan base like LeBron and Kobe, so why not screw a singer to get the attention he needs. However, if you ask me, he could have used a better known celeb to do that. SOURCE

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When Monica got wind of the letter, she immediately took to her Twitter account:

Monica's Tweets Twitter to Sandra Rose

Props to Monica for always keeping it classy!

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