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Beyonce, Jay Z OTR 2

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Things are starting to get a little strange on the Beyonce and Jay-Z tour. First Beyonce almost fell coming down the stairs during one of the performances and now a fan took the name of the show too seriously because he was definitely on the run!”

Saturday night, the tour stopped in Atlanta for one of their two night performances there. Based on videos on social media posted by fans in attendance, Jay-Z and Beyonce are seen walking off the stage holding hands while their song Apesh*t is playing. A man rushes up from the front of the stage and gets tackled by Beyonce’s dancers.

Beyonce’s publicist posted on Instagram, thank you to all the fans for your concern. They are fine and looking forward to the show tomorrow (Sunday night).

Forget finding someone to love you like Kanye loves Kanye, find someone to love you like Beyonce’s dancers love Beyonce! They were ready to fight for her and didn’t even know if that person had a weapon on them or anything!

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