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Cardi B "Be Careful" video

Source: Atlantic Records / Atlantic Records

A Twitter user posted a photo of an attractive woman with the caption, “Offset now cheating on Cardi B with this bartender/stripper named Jade…Offset the MVP… f***s bad b*tches, then comes home to Cardi B.”

Whoa. Hold on. You can’t just go around claiming a man is cheating on his woman with no evidence, especially when the woman is about to give birth!

But don’t worry, Cardi B set the guy straight by replying back, “This sh*t is fake and you corny miserable nik*as and corny ass b*tches love entertaining it. Ya be so thirsty for fake ass drama. Goodbye.” GET ‘EM GIRL.

The Twitter user probably did not expect any reaction from the rapper, but he got what he asked for. Oh, and by the way, his original tweet has since been deleted.

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