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Source: DON EMMERT / Getty

It seems that Donald Trump can not shy away from being a internet gangsta, as he continues to twiddling his thumbs on twitter from the oval office.

Trump has stated once again his feeling about the NFL and team owners not checking the players. During  the NFL annual Fall meeting it was agreed upon, that  the National Anthem protesting initiated by Colin Kaepernick,  wouldn’t force players to stand up for the National Anthem.

Of Course Donald was PISSED about the conclusion as if Michigan has clean water, Houston, TX and Puerto Rico residents recovered  from the hurricanes, but Donnie wants to address announce his frustrations of people taking a knee.

Here’s what Donald had to say:

I find it extremely ironic and interesting that he still has nothing to say about Eminem’s freestyle during the Hip Hop Awards, but maybe that isn’t important enough!


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