Is Lyrica Anderson Working With Blac Chyna On Some New Music?!

Lyrica Anderson

Source: @JustInMyView

Fresh Off The Set: Lyrica Anderson Visits Philly For The First Time With Paris Nicole!

With no sleep, and hours of shooting the reunion show, Lyrica Anderson had to stop by Boom 103.9 while she visits Philadelphia for the first time!

Lyrica is stepping out into the limelight, and transition from writing hits for others, to carving her own individual lane as an artist. They discuss her new single “Don’t Take It Personal”, Love & Hip-Hop, and the reunion show, and much more!

Paris had one last question for Lyrica Lyrica since she was spotted in the booth with Blac Chyna (new music coming soon from her?!) Watch the video below to find out her answer!

Watch the full interview if you missed it live on air below and download our mobile app so you never miss a thing!

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