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Kanye West Jay Z Celebrate

Source: MTV / Tumblr

The issue between Jay Z and Kanye has stemmed because of Kayne’s 20 minute rant on stage during one of his concerts, but here is the major question how long has their friendship been on the rocks?

We all know that Kanye’s rant is a problem, but we hardly know if that’s the root of the problem. Well, to help put all these things in prospective Channel 4 UK finally released it’s highly anticipated Public Enemy: Jay Z vs Kanye West documentary, to shed some light on possible theories.

The documentary starts off be taking a inside look on how Hov and Yeezy  relationship developed over the years from the time Kanye produced Jay’s Blueprint album leading up to Kanye’s disappointment on the fact Jay nor Bey called to check on Kim after the robbery.

Oh this seems pretty interesting, I just hope they can find some common ground soon.

But, I’m ready to take look myself so watch this documentary with me by clicking the link below!



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