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Suge Knight

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Suge Knight has been indicted for making threats to F. Gary, Gray, the director of Straight Outta Compton’s director.

On August 08, 2014 a grand jury indictment stated that Suge “threatened to commit a crime which would result in death and great bodily injury to Felix Gary Gray.”

But, wait isn’t he already incarcerated?

According to reports Suge Knight was angry with his portrayal in the moive, which included erratic, violent behavior and Suge threatening Dr. Dre’s, former N.W.A, members.

News flash, no movie, documentary, former interviews that consist of Suge Knight’s name or appearance consist of a positive portrayal or feedback.

Sorry bruh, So I’m confused exactly why you were upset again?

Suge, reportedly made death threats to Felix Gary Gray via text message and to add insult to injury it was right before Suge was charged with murder and attempted murder after a fatal hit-and-run in a parking lot in Compton, California. (Allegedly)

Suge is set to face trail for the fatal hit- and – run January 2018.



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