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Early voters line-up before dawn at the Los Angeles County Registrar of Voters Office in Norwalk to

Source: Mark Boster / Getty

Tons of people feared that with the SEPTA strike, it would affect many peoples abilities to get out and vote. Well now that the strike has ended, this shouldn’t be an excuse. However, if you still for whatever reason are unable to get yourself transportation to get out and vote, UBER & LYFT are giving you a discounted opportunity to make it happen!

The campaign name is My Ride To Vote, and both UBER & LYFT are doing a special promotion.

How to use the promotion: Use promo code VOTEPA on Tuesday, November 8 for $15 off your ride to the polls and $15 off your ride back, while supplies last.

You can visit HERE for more info, but however you feel about this years election, at least go out and let your voice be heard, because sitting at home WILL NOT help anything!



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