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I’m soooooooo ready.  Windows down, music up, later nights and outside fun to be had!  We had a harsh winter here in Philly and the entire Northeast.  I couldn’t be happier to feel 60 deg weather.  I’ve wrote some great spring car care tips to make sure your car is just as ready to let’s it hair down and go spring/summertime wild after this incredibly unfair winter.

1. Your baby needs a wash – Spring cleaning isn’t just for your home.  Your car needs a good thorough cleaning, inside and out!  It will feel like you are driving a brand new car!  I normally wait until winter is over to shampoo, vacuum, and wipe down the interior of my car to get all the salt and sand from the winter out. Washing the outside of the car is waaaaaaay more important.  In fact, you don’t want to wait until Spring to wash the exterior of your car.  Every time is snows and and salt is thrown down on the roads to melt snow/ice, that salt is kicked up on the car and underneath it.  This salt sits on our car and its part and rusts them away.  It is best practice to to wash off you car and underneath it after every snow storm (see blog I wrote to understand why).  Still, wash your car after all the snow and salt melted and washed away.


2.  Potholes are the devil – You know.  I don’t need to express that potholes suck!  You can find out how to avoid pothole damage here.  Potholes not only wreck your tires and rims, they do significant and costly damage to your steering and suspension components, brakes lines and hoses, and exhaust pipes.  Have a mechanic check over the following on our car:

  • Steering and Suspension parts looseness and damage.  Example of these parts are bushings, shocks/struts, control arms, tie rods, wheel bearings.  When these parts are loose or damaged you tend to hear thumps, bumps, and creaks while you drive.  I’ve seen cars with suspension parts about to fall off
  • Brakes for wear.  If you haven’t had your brakes checked or replaced since before winter, I’ll get them checked out.


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