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So depending who you talk to, Kanye West is either a genius or an idiot and once  you see the details of the pre-nup you will definitely have an opinion. Here are the details of the rumored pre-nup

  • Kim Kardashian will get $1 mil for every year they are married not to exceed $10 mil
  • Kim gets to keep the $11 mil mansion that is being built on the show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The house is also in her name
  • She gets to keep all gifts that Kanye has given her
  • She is the beneficiary of his $20 mil life insurance policy even in divorce
  • All money that Kim makes from appearances, TV Show, clothing collection is hers to keep and will be viewed as separate income
  • No word on custody of Baby North
  • No word on what Kanye gets
  • Kanye is said to be worth $100 mil and Kim is said to be worth $40 mil

So now, what do YOU think? Is Kanye a genius or idiot in your book? Keep this in mind, California will be their place of residence and Cali is a 50/50 state so while he is spending money he may have actually SAVED money in the long run

Source: Balleralert


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