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Finally the weather is warming up this week and it comes with a meltdown of the snow. I can’t wait to be outside and soak up some sun rays! I need some Vitamin D and so does my car!

With all the snow we’ve had in the Northeast this winter, my once black, now white with salt car needs a wash!

Salt thrown down on the roads to melt ice and snow for safer driving conditions also causes rust or corrosion of cars. The most susceptible places for corrosion are the metal parts under the car and the car’s body.

Salt is kicked up from the road under the car and sticks to the body of cars while you drive. As salt sits on the metal parts and begins to build up, it will rust things like metal brake lines, the frame, suspension parts, bolts, etc. This WILL cause expensive repairs as your car ages or decrease the resell price.

Oh how I love and hate you salt truck.

You can prevent salt rust/corrosion damage of your car by washing it at an establishment that offers under-car, undercarriage, or under-spray. Most experts advise to wash your car frequently in winter months where salt on the roads is common.  What is frequently though?  I advise to go to a car wash every 2 weeks if it snows every week, like it has here in Philly.  If it doesn’t snow every week, get a wash within 4 days of the snow.


words by: @girlsautoclinic


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