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I’m sure PA is not the only state with this problem, but damn it, PA has got to be the worst. Nowadays you can’t drive down a road without becoming acquainted with a least one pothole. All the snow has caused even more, including on highways.

A number of expensive damages can happen to your car just from driving over a pothole or 20, starting with your wheels. The tire industry is making a gazillion dollars this winter season. Tires are not cheap. Neither are rims. While avoiding a pothole is not always possible.  Here is one way to avoid pothole damage. Properly inflating your tires. Over-inflated and under-inflated tires increase the risk of tire and rim damage when driving over a pothole.

So if you know your tire pressure is low, get to a gas station and put air in it. If it is too high, let some air out.

Here’s a good question to ask yourself, “Do I know the proper tire pressure for my tire?

The proper tire pressure is NOT located on the tire. This value is the maximum pressure. Please don’t put 50 psi in your tire.

The most common place to find the proper tire pressure is on the door or door frame of your car.  It is also in your owner’s manual.

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