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Philly’s Morning ShowShamara and Laiya spoke to Broomall’s own Celebrity boxing promoter, Damon Feldman and asked him about the now cancelled fight between George Zimmerman and DMX

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In part 1 Damon explains his history with celebrity boxing fights. He did the one with Tonya Harding and with Rodney King. Zimmerman was set to make a percentage off of the fight- no exact dollar amount was given. He said that while he won’t be promoting the fight that someone will be. Shamara asked him if he thought it was morally wrong to promote the fight and he said that he didn’t follow the trial or case but when he heard about it he felt bad. Listen below

Part 1.

In part 2 he says that he didn’t know Trayvon and didn’t know Zimmerman so for him it’s not about morals it’s about business and that his business surrounds controversy. Laiya asked “you do understand that he did kill Trayvon Martin?” Feldman responded “yeah, but he got off” Listen below

Part 2.

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