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There are so many factors that come in to play when determining if a mechanic is trustworthy and “good”.  There are websites that have you rate shops, but the ratings are all over the place.  You, the customer unknowingly get in your own way when determining if you trust a mechanic (see previous blog Not All Mechanics Are Equal).  Some cars are more prone to repairs.  Also, the rising cost of repairs and difficulty to keep up with new technology on cars can stifle some mechanics.

I read an article last year (I’m trying to find it on Google) that auto mechanics are listed second to lawyers as the least trusted profession.  We even rank higher than politicians and CEOs in some polls.  So, right off the bat, you are skeptical and we mechanics must prove ourselves.  Your expectations are set high.  Me, the former auto airhead turned auto tech, understands this.  Now that I’m on the flip side, being an automotive professional in the industry, I found some key attributes you would want a trustworthy mechanic to have!  Use these as guidelines when you are looking for a good mechanic.

1. Technically sound – Yes, your mechanic should know the ins and outs of cars and be able to diagnose a problem correctly.  A good great mechanic will know to articulate the diagnosis to you in a way that is easy to understand yet thorough.  No over the head or too technically advanced speak, for those not mechanically inclined.  Most Americas don’t know what a solenoid is or how it works, but there are several solenoids used on your car.  A technically sound mechanic will explain in a way that makes sense.  Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, “If you can’t explain it to a six-year old, you don’t understand it yourself!”  I 100% agree!

2. Mechanically proficient – A good mechanic is just that, mechanically proficient.  They are able to complete repairs in a timely manner.  Often a great mechanic is also great at puzzles because putting a gazillion pieces of a car back together can be difficult.  Being proficient comes with practice and patience which is why there are certain levels of skilled mechanics.  You don’t want a beginner technician removing a timing belt from your VW Jetta.  Often the person who owns the shop or the person who talks to you about your car and the repairs it needs is not the person doing the work.  You must trust the owner of the shop has done his or her due diligence in hiring and training the right people.


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words by:  @girlsautoclinic

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