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So friend, I realized I really don’t know my coworkers as well as I thought I did. Let’s take Deezy for example, he’s the afternoon dude (3p-7p) oh & he’s also on Fox 29 in Philadelphia & OMG I should note I’ve known him for YEARS!!! I really don’t know him though! I decided to sit in Deezy’s face & make him tell me (including you) 10 things I ain’t know about him.  How well do you know your coworkers/friends/family members/etc?

1) I never knew Q Deezy didn’t like cars. ‘I don’t give a hoot about cars,’ yet this dude drives a very nice foreign car.

2) I’ve also known that he’s had an older sister because he would always compare the two of us but I’ve never met her a day in our knowing one each other lives.

3)  He’s a vegetarian…sorta because he just took Laiya & I out to lunch & that food ain’t look like veggies

4) He used to be a nutass (meaning he would have me being wild then blame me for my own actions BUT now he gets up at 3am & reads inspirational passages from the Bible. (Can I say ‘nutass’ & bible in the same sentence)

5) He don’t watch tv well not that much I mean does netflix count as tv? Who knows

6) Recently he’s ‘LESS of a sports fan & more of a ‘ME’ fan, I’m tired of pouring into other people & their dreams’ & there ya have it I guess he won’t be helping me with my own project! Thanks NUTASS

7) He keeps thinking about whether or not he should get his Masters because Deezy says, ‘I think I really wanna teach on a collegiate level.’ Safe to say he has one up on me (for now) I kicked a Kanye West I’m a whole college dropout (not that I’m proud of it) life happened & I needed to survive.

8) ‘I like going to strip clubs but if a stripper smell like a stripper (like stripper lotion) it gets on my nerves, stripper lotion smell irritating.’ Um I have no idea what the crap stripper lotion is

9) He wants to travel to South Africa, ‘I’ve been to other places in Europe & I really wanna travel to South Africa.’

10) I asked Deezy what he was most passionate about & he replied, ‘being happy.’ I’m not happy with just that response because I wanna be happy & I’m learning a person has to create his/her own happiness. Being happy is so broad! ‘What makes me happy is when my family is happy, healthy, education ‘passion for learning’ is what Deezy expressed & actually what he emphasises to us. It’s a whole domino effect.

Anywho I chose to do this because Deezy has turned into the station ‘on-air’ leader & I’m proud of him. Keep up with his accomplishments YO!

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