What’s up with black men and their infatuation with the entertainment business? The entertainment industry is glorified as a lifestyle full of money and fame. Rappers and Athletes are put on an incomparable pedestal, giving them worldwide fame. These celebrities inherit all of what black men idolize. Starting from a very young age, these superficialities are enforced in the upbringings of young black men. They grow to admire and envy the money, the cars, and the girls that are showcased all on television and social media. Especially in the urban community, most will witness this particular fascination that black men have due to the lack of possessing materialistic objects. It’s completely human to want what you can’t have or don’t have, but is it all that it’s cracked up to be?

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Black men feed into the images that are portrayed on television by musicians and athletes and their lavish lifestyles. They rather strive for the “in front of the camera” success oppose to the other more obtainable careers. The positions of doctors and lawyers will never be glamorized in the same light as entertainers. Black men must become more aware of their options. There are other ways to achieve the money, cars, and the women. Although it requires many years of schooling, becoming a doctor or lawyer are other routes that you can take to obtain the luxuries you desire. There are approximately 1 million doctors in the United States and less than 4% are black.  To become a black lawyer or doctor is truly an honorable achievement.

The image painted on television of your favorite rapper and athlete is all apart of a brand. The “entertainment” aspect is only half of the business. There is a lot more to what we see on these so called “reality shows” such as, Love and Hip Hop and Basketball Wives. Black men, stay mindful that there are more opportunities that await you. If the majority of you are looking to be the next Jay-Z or LeBron James who’s going to be our next President Obama?

words by:  Jasmine Goodwin


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