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Busta Rhymes Joins YMCMB (thumbnail)

Courtesy of SOHH Dot Com and Rolling Stone

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Busta Rhymes was asked about the state of hip hop today, why artists don’t collaborate with each other as freely as they did in the past and the reason the same artists are on every track.  Busta Ryhmes says that the reason is collaborations are a gift and a curse because they can benefit your career, but if the artist chosen to be on your record is really hot, then they can outshine your lyrical skills and backfire because people are afraid to get lyrically killed on their own record by other artists.

“There’s one of two reasons to me why the same people appear on every song: one reason is either they’re just the hottest dudes, and the other reason is . . . [Long pause] It’s interesting to me that Eminem isn’t on a lot of people’s sh*t. It’s interesting to me that Nas isn’t on a lot of people’s sh*t. It’s interesting to me that Jay-Z isn’t on a lot of people’s sh*t. A lot of the very dangerously lyrical motherf*ckers. I think there’s a fear factor that plays a role, because sometimes you really don’t know if you’re going to be happy with what you asked for – especially if you might get your a** whooped on your own f*cking record!”

– Busta Rhymes talking to Rolling Stone

Busta Rhymes also said that few years artist development has died in the industry so the easiest way to create a buzz to the listening audience was getting the hottest artist and putting on record, but the song suffered because importance was put more on the collaboration.  Now, Busta believes the trend is starting to change because of artists having trouble tracking down the artist that become divas with their growing popularity.

“A lot of the new dudes aren’t doing it. They started to realize chasing down a hot motherf*cker was a sh*t-ton of work, cause when a hot motherf*cker think he’s hot, they become divas real quick.”-Busta Ryhmes talking to Rolling Stone

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