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Courtesy of SOHH Dot Com

     Timberland is being put on blast by an insurance company that claims that the multi-talented super producer tried to swindle the company out of $1.8 million dollar insurance claim on a 30 carat diamond encrusted watch.  Timberland claims the watch was lost by his young daughter, but insurance company believes that was not the case.  According to TMZ, The company American Home Assurance Company filed documents that accuses Timberland of trying to get $1.8 million off of claim they believe they should not have to pay due in part to a few key factors.  They state that Timberland insured the watch for double the value of the reported $900K price.  Timberland stated that first the watch was stolen then it was lost, but after the insurance companies investigating, they state that through interviewing, Timberland’s wife said it was another female, the assistant said the maid stole it, etc.  The story kept changing before the 2 yr old daughter was brought up as the reason behind the mishandling of the watch.  These were just some of the factors that lead the company to believe that they do not owe Timberland anything.  It looks like this matter will be settled in a court of law.

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