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Former Cash Money recording artist Turk opens up about his drug use during the earlier days of Cash Money records and even admits to putting fellow group member  B.G. onto Heroin. Ironically, Turk compares the hype of heroin in New Orleans during the early Cash Money Days to the popularity of Molly today. Check out the interview below

I just asked about the drugs meaning like was your mind right when you were making some of those decisions back then?

Turk: Nah. When you under the influence of anything other than a sober mind, you’re not making rational decisions. You’re being influenced by the drugs. It talks to you. It’s bad spirits that get into you and make you do things and say things that you really don’t mean.

Now, this may be the toughest question I have for you. B.G. surfaces for a second time on Blame It on the System, on “I’m Still Here.” On your verse to the song you note that you kicked your dope habit. Maybe it’s not my place to ask, but since he’s on the song I just felt compelled to wonder, given his history, if it was B.G. who introduced you to heroin?

Turk: Nah. Actually man, I was shooting heroin and cocaine, and I introduced B.G. to shooting heroin and cocaine. We was on the Cash Money/Ruff Ryders tour. B.G. had been getting high; I had been getting high. In New Orleans, Uptown, that’s the drug of choice, heroin. You got kids, 12, 13-years-old on heroin. As I was coming up, people glorified it like they do mollies today. They say “pop a molly, I’m sweating,” they rap about it and this and that. Soulja Slim, who was Magnolia Slim at the time, used to rap about heroin all the time. Partners-N-Crime also had a song about heroin. And that was the song. And the girls used to always say they want the dope dick. So [I was like], “Shit, let me go on ahead and snort me a bag of heroin and fuck this bitch all night.” That’s what influenced us to do it.

It was dumb. And looking back on it, I wish I would have never did it. But like I say, if I wouldn’t have went through what I went through I wouldn’t be the man that I am today. But it was dumb.

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