I love nail art-always have. It is funny to me that now it’s “cool” When I saw the Oscars had a “mani cam” for ladies to display their nails I knew Celebrity Nail Art was outta here now! My newest fav is from the Mariah Carey OPI line “liquid sand” It goes on matte and it’s really sandy! Lasted for quite awhile too. Below are photos from some celebrities and nail techs that I follow on Instagram

Via @EvelynLozada Instagram. Nail Tech @kandiyamz Via @KhloeKardashian Instagram


Via @LaLa Nail Tech @naominailsnyc

Below are people I follow on Instagram whose work I enjoy.

Philly!!! This is via @Melody_cmynails. She is right here IN Philly!


Via @higasaurus Instagram




My absolute favorite!!! Via @SilviaLace


I love nails!!! What can I say?

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