There is something special about this Philadelphia Eagles team. They have that intangible that great teams seam to carry in their back pocket and aspiring team fight to get. Is there one thing we can spotlight and say “this is the reason they’re winning,” no. I can assure that the get it done characteristic of this team is molding a Championship caliber team right in front of our eyes.

When was the last time we’ve seen our Eagles defense hold teams down in crucial situation and then our offense drive down the field to score the game winning touchdown. I can’t remember. The relationship between a defense and an offense is like that classic James Brown song, “This is a Mans world” but it’s nothing without a woman. I’m not implying that either group of the team is feminine, just merely painting the picture of the importance that each group has on the other.

You know the buzz phrase, defense wins championships, well two weeks in a row the Eagles defense delivered outstanding performances. Both times disrupting the opposing teams offense to give our team the ball for the go ahead score. In both weeks our Eagles offense, led by Quarterback, Mike Vick have methodically marched down the field and delivered the game winning touchdown.

Many Eagles fans are starting to trust that this team can overcome anything, so imagine how the players feel. If the offense and defense can continue to have each other’s back this Eagles team will be unstoppable. There is so much more than physical play that goes into winning a football game and we are witnessing a team that wins the mental and physical game. Keep it up and we’ll be talking Super Bowl at the end of this season.

Congratulations to our 2-0 Philadelphia Eagles. Next up the Arizona Cardinals.

words by: Philly_Ron

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