Twelve months ago the Philadelphia Eagles started the 2011/2012 season with a defensive coordinator that had all of his professional experience as an offensive line coach. Throughout the majority of last season Juan Castillo took the brunt of blame for everything that was wrong with the Eagles.

My, how things change. In what was a mediocre at best performance by the Eagles offense in the season opener, the Eagles defense, lead by Juan Castillo, put our offense in great position all game and snatched victory from the jaws of the Cleveland Browns.

I often tell people that good defensive football can be determined by the number of snaps the defense plays. There is a general rule of thumb that sixty snaps is where a defense starts to break down. That’s also the reason why you normally see teams with solid run games dominate late in games. It takes longer to run for yards than it does to pass for those same yards. With that said, the five turnovers, four interceptions and one fumble by the Eagles offense, seemed to try and force our defense well over the sixty snap threshold.

If not for an exceptional game plan by Juan Castillo and solid performances by Eagles defenders our defense would have easily surpassed the fifty-seven snaps they played. Not only did the defense limit their snaps they turned four of those plays into turnovers.

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a solid defensive performance by the Eagles, but if Juan’s group keeps this up, we will soon be able to connect with this team like those with great defenses of the past.

Congratulations to our Eagles with the 17-16 victory over the Cleveland Browns.

Do you think the Eagles can beat the Ravens in their home opener next week if the offense turns the ball over multiple times?

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