Karlie Redd’s real age has been a mystery throughout the entire season of Love and Hip Hop ATL, but one thing we ALL know for sure is- Ms. Redd (I respect my elders) is  lying about being her 20’s.  But the question  STILL remains and we want to know- how bad she is lying ?

Last night on the Love and Hip Hop ATL‘s  season reunion Karlie Redd spoke about having a daughter, who  ” she wants to keep out of the public eye” or in other words Karlie Redd didn’t bring her daughter around because we would know her” stage age” was a complete lie even more so then we already calculated!

So how old is Karlie Redds daughter ? According to Karlie Redd’s daughter is 18 , which would make it highly unlikely that she is in her 20’s, unless she had her at 11 !

Here is a picture of Karlie’s 18 year old Clarke ATL Daughter : Presenting- “Lil Redd”

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