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athletes and gold diggers

So far, 2012 has been notorious for athlete downfalls at the fault of gold-digging women! As if it isn’t painfully obvious, here’s 5 reasons athletes should stay far away from gold diggers! When will they ever learn?

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1. Hello, Distraction!

athletes and gold diggers

When serious athletes get themselves involved with high-profile women from the media, they become a distraction for their entire franchise/team as well as causing a personal distraction tearing them away from what’s really important: their sport!

Ex. Some people may argue both Kris Humphries AND Reggie Bush’s athletic talents suffered as a result of her media-craze!

2. Negative Attention

athletes and gold diggers

While I’m sure Brooklyn Nets’ forward Kris Humphries was excited for people to actually know who he was (for once), unfortunately, it wasn’t for his skills on the court. Instead of ignoring Humphries when he entered the court (like usual), after their divorce went public, fans (mainly Kim Supporters/Hater) actually “BOO-ed” him!

I guess all publicity is good publicity, however, I’m sure the Nets didn’t appreciate having their own players BOO-ed in their home stadium!

3. Reputation Risk

athletes and gold diggers

Messing with the wrong Gold-Digger could cost you your reputation! We all remember the release of Karrine Steffans’ book: “Confessions of a Video Vixen,” in which she painted Shaq as a crazy and manipulative man! I don’t know about you guys, but I couldn’t look at Shaq the same way after reading that!

4. Pay Cut?

athletes and gold diggers

Whether it be through law-suit or prenup, too often, gold-digging women walk away with half of their partner’s (hard-earned) money! Like Drake said: “You wasn’t with me shooting in the gym!” But, according to the law, they never had to be!

5. Lose Career?!

athletes and gold diggers

We all know gold-diggers are more often than not, attention-craving drama queens. One small incident (alleged “domestic violence”, for example)  could turn into a huge incident resulting in negative media attention and ultimately a dismissal from the athlete’s franchise or team!

Ex. Miami Dolphin’s coach couldn’t risk the media spinning the story and saying he condones domestic violence had he decided to let Ochocinco keep his position on the team, so, he had to go!

When will they ever learn?

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