Asante Samuel is the new Deion.

Let me correct that. Asante is better than Deion and has the numbers to prove it. That may come as a surprise to some but if you strip away all the extra flash of a Primetime then you have a player slightly less productive than our very own Asante Samuel.

Oh my, here comes the nay sayers and the media that never played the game on a high level. Stats are misleading, is the statement they always run to, yet stats are just a count of actual production. What’s misleading is trying to explain away reality.

For arguments sake lets throw out the “who would you rather have” question out there. Neither Deion or Asante are know for tackling, but Asante has been fined by the NFL for some vicious hits over the last two seasons. Whether he’s a good tackler or not cant discredit his willingness to stick his body in the mix every now and again. Advantage Asante.

When it comes to coverage Deion had the best recovery speed by any cornerback to every play the game. The problem with that statement is the “Recovery speed” meaning he was beat and had to recover. We can’t use that against him because he still produced. Asante probably has the best break on the ball speed than any corner to ever play the game and amongst current NFL defensive backs.

We know that Deion is a Hall of Fame cornerback. Asante has a better interception ratio than Deion and can make a legitimate argument that he is a better defensive back than Deion was. There is no question that Deion was a great corner that also returned punts but as far as cornerbacks go, we’re looking at one of the best to ever play right here in Philly.


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