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Awww Valentine’s Day… also known as National Nookie Day. As long as you fellas stay away from getting these ridiculous items you’re bound to get some on the 14th.

Gas Station Flowers

Nothing says I love you like $10 flowers right? WRONG! Cheap flowers are the ultimate fail on Valentine’s Day. Spend a little bit of money and go to a real florist… you know the kind who specialize in flowers; not candy bars, gasoline, cigarettes, and/or liquor.

The UnbeWEAVEable Gift

If there’s one thing a man should NEVER buy his lady its hair products. You might as well get her a gift basket filled with deodorant and lotion. If you want to help her hair out just book her appointment, give her hairstylist the money, and keep it moving. No man should EVER gift a woman with a pack of weave.

Drug Store Gifts

Do yourself a favor and STAY AWAY from your local CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid! For the sake of getting some don’t purchase that stiff teddy bear or a stale box of chocolates.

Cheap Lingerie

Here’s Victoria’s Secret those panties that are 5 for $25 are NOT sexy! Use your resources!! You’re in a store filled with women so ask for their opinion before you purchase your lady any undergarments. It may be uncomfortable, but trust me the end result is worth it.

The “Special” Meal

Nothing screams romance like asking the waiter what’s on the 2 for $20 menu. It may have been “made decent” in the @AsiaStarr video, but that is NOT cool on any other occasion. Especially not Valentine’s Day.

Words By Jazmyn Gilliard (@JazGill)

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