Almost everyone has a cell phone and when leaving the Sixers 98-82 blowout win over the Bulls it reminded me of a saying that we all have heard. Can you hear me now? Was the question a fellow passenger on the Broad street line asked a friend as he heckled him over his cell phone carrier.

The funny thing about that sarcastic question is that it fits what I’ve been saying about the Sixers since preseason. From early on the Sixers have been blowing teams out. On the fence Sixers fans have been leery to fully commit to the team because they said wait until we play real teams. After a dominating win over the Orlando Magic earlier in the week followed by a blowout win over the Bulls, best record in the Eastern Conference and best defensive team in the NBA, everyone is ready to jump on the bandwagon.

So the beauty of the saying “Can you hear me now” and how its been used in cell phone commercials fits perfectly into explaining how our Sixers have been playing. Good teams blowout bad teams, which we’ve done. Contenders beat other contending teams, which we’ve done as well. The Sixers performance on the court has been yelling “Can you hear me now” since the start of the season. After this dominating performance over the Bulls people are starting to hear and give recognition.

Friday, the Sixers play the Miami Heat. If the Sixers beat the Heat the entire Basketball universe will stand up and acknowledge that we have something special.

Have you bought into the Sixers craze? If not, talk to me and tell me what will get you on board.

words by: @Philly_Ron

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