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The STD rate amongst teenagers in Philadelphia is out of control. Our teens have gone crazy in between the legs and it’s time someone say, “Pass the condoms please!”

“Among the city’s high school teenagers, 63.5 percent have had sexual intercourse; an astonishing 14.5 percent had their first sexual encounter before age 13. A little more than 25 percent have had more than four sexual partners, and 11.1 percent drank alcohol or used drugs before their last sexual encounter.

It’s no wonder Philadelphia teens have some of the highest STD rates in the country. More than 19,000 cases of chlamydia were reported in 2010, 45 percent of which were in people ages 10 to 19. Those numbers include only cases reported by health-care providers or laboratories. Many more go undiagnosed.” –

Dear Parents:

You can NOT stop your teens from having sex. They’ll find a way to what they need so it’s best to have an open, honest, and non-judgmental discussion with your child. Will it be uncomfortable? Yes. But would you prefer to laugh about it when their 30 or became a grandma at 30?!?  It’s better to buy your “baby” a pack of condoms instead of purchasing medicine to cure an STD.

Dear Guys:

Do you want your penis to fall off or would you like bumps on your testis?…. I didn’t think so. Tell those girls to wait a minute! There’s nothing wrong with stopping in the middle of an intimate moment to protect yourself. Kiss her on the cheek on softly tell her to hold on. Get up, get your rubber, and pick up where you left off.

Dear Ladies:

You should find a man extremely disgusting if he tries to sleep with you without a condom. It shows he’s irresponsible and dumb. Look at him crazy and sternly ask, “you don’t have any protection?” If he says no then party over! One night of pleasure isn’t worth having a ring worm on you lady parts! P.S. There’s nothing wrong with getting your own condoms.

Let’s not forget some STD’s are permanent! Trust me that permanent disease will not be worth it when you high school boo is bagging groceries instead of graduating college. WRAP IT UP FOLKS!

Words by: @JazGill

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