Fabolous was interviewed in NY with Angie Martinez and finally spoke on Love & Hip Hop…

“It’s just not my cup of tea, it’s one side of what’s going on. I don’t bash it, but I’m not really in support of it, either. I don’t think it depicts me the way I am. It just depicts a one-sided version of what’s going on, said Fab.”

When asked why he doesn’t approve of the show and why not be on to show his side Fab stated,

“There’s no ownership on her side,” he said. “She’s kind of like a piece of somebody else’s show and I’m not with that. I put too many years in business of me working in this industry for me to be a piece of somebody else’s thing.”

When asked about Kimbella being put on the show,

“I wouldn’t say they don’t care about Emily,” he continues, “But they’re there to make entertaining television and if they can dig up a girl from four years ago who could make an interesting twist in an episode of their show, guess what? They will do it.”

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