China has a serious issue of animal welfare. dogs are being beaten to death or skinned on the streets of Shanghai.

How gruesome it is to torture an animal, much else roast it alive? While this horrifying act did not take place in Singapore, but in the Kengkou district of Guangzhou, China.

The gruesome incident was said to have taken place near the entrance of Kengkou market. The woman is seen grabbing the puppy using a throng and grilling it over what looks like a portable stove. After a while, the dog’s body appeared stiff and its skin slightly charred.

This abuse comes hot on the heels of another animal cruelty concerns in Indonesia where live cattle exports were subjected to mistreatment.

On 31 May, it was reported that the Australian government suspended live cattle exports to Indonesian abattoirs after a television program showed videos of cattles being unnecessarily whipped and left to bleed to death after their throats were cut using blunt knives.

It is understood that Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has ordered an investigation of slaughterhouses in the country, saying, “We have to highly respect animal welfare.”

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