Let’s stand and applaud the new owners of our Philadelphia 76ers. On Tuesday October 18, 2011 a group led by Joshua Harris that also includes Philly’s own Will Smith, finalized their purchase of the 76ers.

It doesn’t matter that there isn’t a start date for the NBA season yet, what matters is that Philadelphia is the center of basketball talk today, and the new CEO, Adam Aron understands what the Philadelphia fan requires from their teams.

As a reader of this blog you know that I’m constantly referring to Pride and Passion for our city, that’s extremely important for our teams and professional athletes to embrace. The new ownership has come in and changed the slogan of the team to Passionate, Intense, Proud.

Words in business mean everything, and with this ownership choosing these words it’s time to get excited. We are all aware that a good marketing plan will not mean a thing in terms of wins, but this is more of a statement to the fans in the city and the players on the team, that this is what is expected night in and night out.

Sixers ownership also listed on their website that one of three principals they will use to bring the organization back to greatness is to listen to the fans. This is a breath of fresh air for all Sixers’ fans. At the same time, I want to challenge the Sixers to live up to this. A few years ago when Sixers games were considered an event and not just a basketball game we lost a critical piece to that equation. It may not be possible, but Pat Croce would bring energy like no other back to the Wells Fargo Center.

As a fan of all Philadelphia sports teams please add your comments on how we can bring that must see atmosphere back to Sixers games.

I will personally give a pair of tickets to a Sixers game away to the best response. All you have to do is head over to twitter and start your comment off with #Hot1079Sixers

words by @Philly_Ron

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