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Boxing is getting out of control with consistent underwhelming performances by all the top rated fighters. Saturday night’s Pay Per View fight between Bernard Hopkins and Chad Dawson may have been the straw to break the camel’s back.

In a sport that is in dire need of some great performances, every time they have a major fight there seems to be some sort of controversy to give the sport a black eye. First you have Floyd Mayweather ducking Manny Paquiao to fight Victor Ortiz, only to sucker punch him on a break for a knockout. Then on Saturday Chad Dawson scoop slams Bernard Hopkins and wins the fight because Bernard couldn’t continue. Seriously, is this the best that boxing has to offer? No wonder MMA and UFC have started to take the spotlight from boxing.


How Can They Fix It?

How about setting mandatory fights. For the last three to four years boxing fans have been begging for a Pacquiao vs. Mayweather fight. I would love to get your feedback on this, because I believe Floyd is scared to death of Manny Pacquiao.

Fighters don’t let other fighters stalk them or call them out, without shutting that noise up. The same thing happened to Roy Jones when he ran from Bernard Hopkins for ten years, only to get knocked out in consecutive fights by sub par fighters.

As long as fighters can pick and choose whom they fight then we might as well forget about any type of resurgence in the sport of boxing. What do you think?

Is Floyd Mayweather more worried about his record or what the fans want?

Will you pay to see Floyd Mayweather vs. Victor Ortiz again?

Is Manny Pacquiao the true pound for pound champion?

words by: @Philly_Ron

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