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Honestly, this came to me as I was jolted out of my sleep by yet another Jennifer Hudson commercial screaming at me that “IT’S A NEEEWWWWWW DAYYYYYYYYYYY,” with no regard the prior evenings debauchery (sun glasses and Advil, last night was mad real)! But now that I’m coherent (not hungover), I’ve realized that it wasn’t just her shrieking voice which made me want to launch a stiletto at my 50” flat screen (flexin!), It’s (and I say this with all due respect) Jennifer Hudson new bobble head version of her old self! Don’t get me wrong she’s beautiful and I’m all for health, wellness and lean cuisines but I think Jennifer would have been perfect if she stopped 10 or 15 pounds ago. Then I started to think of all the celebrities who I enjoyed more when they were chunky, like Kelly Price, Al Roker, Big Luther (Vandross, that is), and don’t get me started on how Randy Jackson single handedly sunk American Idol with his weight loss. It’s kind of a crazy phenomenon when you think about it. (Nah, go ahead think about….I’ll wait………) Crazy, right?!

I mean I can imagine the pressures of Hollywood must be crazy but seriously….

Does anybody like Skinny Jennifer?

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