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This was an article that the X to the Z wrote for about fatherhood. Sometimes we all need a reminder of what it means to be a father. Check it out below.

Fathers & Figures:

It’s Father’s Day and I am spending it with my lady, my newborn son Gatlyn and my 15 year-old-son Tremayne. I have been blessed. I would also like to take this time to say that being a REAL father to your children is THE most important thing that you will ever do as a man. Any idiot with a d**k can get a woman pregnant. It’s the desire to see the success of your children, no matter what they decide to become, that makes you a father. It’s up to you to lead and live by example.

There is no handbook on being a father. It’s not easy by any means and it takes a lot of work, but they didn’t asked to be brought here so, MAN UP, and handle it. When you have children, love them, stay involved with them, teach them what you know and if you don’t know much, love them enough to make sure they get the education and opportunities you didn’t. Show them you love them everyday regardless, whether happy, sad, rich or poor. It doesn’t take money to spend time. You may miss a few hangouts with the fellas, you may get dissed by people who don’t HAVE any children, but guess what….nothing in life is more rewarding and fulfilling then having raised a wonderful person inside and out and seeing them be a productive part of this world we live in and not a destructive part, because that’s the flip side.

When you DONT take hold of the responsibility of being a father, don’t trip the street will do it for you and last time I checked, “The streets don’t love you back” (via @Youngde)

Happy Fathers Day!!!

The West Coast William Wallace with Weapons Worldwide!!!!!!!

– Alvin “XZIBIT” Joiner

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