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    MONDAY – FRIDAY – 6-19 am ET

    • Classic hip hop music and celebrity interviews from the hottest artists and influencers
    • Features that connect with a generation of urban trendsetters
    • Hosted by hip hop icons whose personalities and styles make them the ultimate voices for the Throwback Hip Hop format

    Hosted by Hip Hop Legends

    Ed Lover is a rapper, actor, comedian, musician, radio and television personality who gained a loyal following as a host of Yo! MTV Raps and most recently hosting Backspin on XM/Sirius. Lover is a member of the Hip Hop Hall of Fame and continues to be an iconic figure in the world of entertainment.

    Grammy nominated Monie Love is an MC and radio personality who fans have embraced for her wit and her love for Hip Hop. Songs like “Monie in the Middle” and “It’s a Shame (My Sister)” laid the foundation for her status as a Hip Hop icon.

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